Truly A Numbers Game
Tue 23 Mar 2010 
Club news item

Did you know that you have an appearance number? Well the hardest working stato in London amateur cricket has worked all of ours out from game 1.

Here's what he wrote & here's where it gets even more interesting...

Hi Guysl

This year will see our 1000th weekend match and, partly because of this, there have been suggestions that we should have some commemorative gear – shirts and caps maybe. I’ve also worked out squad numbers for all the 468 people who’ve played weekend games for Pacific (i.e who was the 1st, 2nd, 3rd player.............right through to 468th!). Set out below are the numbers for the present Full Members.

Could you please let Pete know at whether you might be interested in shirts, caps or any other gear (no obligation to buy anything yet). Also any ideas about how you’d like them...........shirts with individual squad numbers maybe? Let Pete know if you have any thoughts.

Unless I’ve made some obvious blunder, these are the definitive squad numbers. In the early scorebooks a lot of names are just first names, rather than surnames. I’ve tried to make as much sense of them as possible! If more than one player debuts in a game they’re arranged alphabetically by surname, then first name.

4 Peter Hollman

21 John Hill

38 Steve Lay

77 Allan Roberts

128 Adrian Duthie

131 Joe Bennett

174 Matt Holliday

195 Jon Brown

209 Lucius Faisal

284 Rob Allum

310 Shayne Rees

354 Rob Bastin

359 Oli Haill

370 Kurt Rademaker

390 Matt Callender

392 James Smith

393 Jon Webley

395 James Gleadow

406 Chris Atkin

416 Aroon Korgaonkar

425 Lahrie Mohamed

427 Ben Gibson

431 Nick Fuller

441 Ali Prichard

442 Darren Tempany

448 Justin Roy

449 Vincent Croft

453 Pete Alexander

457 Toby Chasseaud

459 Justin Hess

463 Saif Shamsuddin

Cheers Steve

So if you're not included please contact either the Secretary or Steve to find out yours. Past players most welcome especially before we order anything!