By Invitation Only
Sun 02 May 2010 
Club news item

Peter Ford of our League writes "Below is an email sent to me by Jeff Barnes of the Federation of Middlesex Sports. I met him the other night and he is keen for our league to come under the ‘umbrella’ of the FMS. He has been approached by a number of small clubs with the request to set up a league and he is very keen to do this. It would be up to the clubs to decide the structure so if we just wanted to have a league of 6 teams and 10 fixtures that wouldn’t be a problem as if there were another 10 teams who wanted to play 18 fixtures then they would just form a separate ‘conference’, similar to the American sports systems. There could be any number of conferences. If any of the clubs wanted there could be an end of season set of finals between the conference winners to sort out a champion.

Jeff wants the league overall to be called the FMS Invitation League with emphasis on ‘Invitation’ as each club joining the league will have to be approved by the participating clubs and clubs can be thrown out if a majority of the other clubs want.

Jeff can also get club sponsorships to raise revenue.

Please read through his mail and let me know your thoughts. I didn’t commit to anything and said we would go our own way this season and have a look again in September. However, if you all like the proposal we can go ahead now.

Regards Peter

FMS has been approach by a number of clubs to form a Sunday league and as an organisation we try to respond in a positive way.

Most of these clubs are already committed for 2010 so the real development will be for 2011.

One club wishes to play this year and if you could find room for Expatriates CC -who play at Headstone Lane - into the ‘league’ this year that will be good news.

They can be contacted via Irfan Iqbal who has been copied in on this e-mail.

FMS will do as much or as little as you want for this season but we would welcome you as founder members for the FMS Invitation League – as any further applications must be approved by 75% of the existing members.

Our experience of a league set up can give you a structure to your current set up if you so wish.

We want to work with you and appreciate the size of fixture list commitment you may want now and in the future.

I hope you will see this as a beneficial step forward and I look forward to your feed back.