Sunday League - latest table 31 July 2010
Sat 31 Jul 2010 
Club news item

Gents Both this weekendís games are yet again walkovers with wins for P&HCC against Alexandra Park and for Pacific against Grimsdyke. Iíve attached the latest league table.

Of the 16 games that have been scheduled so far 7 of them have had to be cancelled due to one or both of the clubs being unable to raise a side. We had hoped that creating this league would increase the interest amongst our clubsí members but Iím not certain this is the case. I think we will have to have a discussion at the end of the season to see if itís worth carrying on in 2011. We shall finish this season anyway as there arenít too many games left to play.

I am away on holiday for a couple of weeks now so wonít be contactable. Regards Peter Ford

Fixture for August 8th Ė P&HCC v Grimsdyke

Fixtures for August 15th Ė Alexandra Park v Pacific and Grimsdyke v Southall Dragons

The final fixture in the league is on August 22nd Ė Grimsdyke v Alexandra Park

Played Won Tied Lost No Result Points

1 Pacific 7 5 0 1 1 11

2 Southall Dragons 7 4 0 3 0 8

3 Parkfield & Headstone 7 3 0 2 2 8

4 Alexandra Park 6 1 0 4 1 3

5 Grimsdyke 5 1 0 4 0 2