My London Triathlon thanks
Tue 10 Aug 2010 
Club news item

So After 3 months of on/off training, hitting goals then missing some respectively and enjoying the life of Carbohydrate loading, Race day was finally here.

I am at the London Excel Centre for 12pm, 2 hours before my race wave takes place. What do I do.hmmmmLets go and check out my bike I racked yesterday ready with my kit. Make sure my tyres are still pumped up and I look professional doing soYeah sounds good. Bike looks sweet, loaded like a mule full of this years sponsorship fuel drink Gatorade (Which I now feel I might have acquired an addiction for)oops and extra maxi fuel energy shots.

The time rapidly approaches towards 14.10. My swim start time. I am briefed and ready to get into Victoria Dock. As I gradually slip in off the pontoon and start to tread water I get the all known cramp felling between the ball of my foot and toes. Ha ha I think this is so funny I havent even started and I have a mild cramp in my foot. Sweet, nothing like a confidence boost before doing a 1500M open water swim. I decide to forget about it and work my technique of stretching it out which did sort it out very quicklyand we are away, like the start of a grand national. It really was like trying to find the right position. I was looking forward to the swim and really enjoyed the experience. I come out of the water some 30 mins later, ripping out of my wetsuit. (Dam that baby oil worked a treat getting that black skin off!). I am into the transition area. Towelled, top on, race number at back, Carbohydrate hit, more Gatorade, shoes, helmet then out of Transition one and into the bike discipline of the event.

The Bike leg was also good fun, Burning around the streets of London on closed roads was wicked. It was two laps of a circuit (40Km in total) that went to Tower Bridge then back towards the Excel centre in docklands. After the second lap I was feeling the burn abit. Had used quite a lot of energy by now and prob could have taken on more energy fuel on the bike to prepare for the 10Km run that was ahead. Into Transition two and I chuck the bike off. Change of top with my name on it (From the Anthony Nolan Trust) into my running shoes and I am off again

Well Kind of shuffling along abit.. Your legs just dont want to move in a running motion from the repetitiveness the bike leg has on you. It took about 1 lap of a 4lap circuit before they decided to be my friends again. I thought this was going to be my strongest part of the race but actually turned out to be my hardest. I really had to keep an eye on my pace and breathing. If you have an addictive personality for sweet tasting energy food consumption then do the London Triathlon. I think I necked about another 5 caffeine, carb and vitamin shots the race stewards gave out on the run.Nice. The crowd were really great on the run part of the event. Shouting your name and egging you on. It makes a huge difference having support so high five to my family who came down to high five me.

Official finish time was 2 hours 39 mins and 40 secs Race position 367th out of 1212 in my race category. Thank you very much for your sponsorship you generously gave to The Anthony Nolan Trust. You have helped the amount fundraised get to 1020 so far smashing my 1000 target. Speak to you soon Sammy x