Another Soggy Golf Day But Dazzling
Wed 11 Aug 2010 
Club news item

The cry offs began at the start of the week - Shayne conducting & composing his diary whilst in the twilight zone - but he must have known!

On the day we convened in central Hertfordshire between Hatfield & WGC at Mill Green. It only drizzled to start but by the end we were all soaked through. There could have been more colateral damage when Webbo told Daz that he could play his 2nd on the par 5 1st. He creamed the ball 240 yards & it pitched at the back of the green while the 4 ball in fron were putting out. They either came off early due to the rain or because Darren had scared them. Either way we had a free if slow run.

For those curious, Daz scored an amazing 38 on the front 9 ending with 4 birdies. Steve & Allan also notching 1 a piece.

In real terms though, Daz swept the most of the board with a front 9, overall, & longest drive to go with with his stroke play & handicap wins. Truly the master on the day.

1st Darren Tempany 85 shots (13 over par) & a handicap score of 40 points.

2nd Steve Emmins 95 & 38 points

3rd Jon Webley 102 & 33

4th Adrian Duthie 96 & 30

5th Allan Roberts 103 & 30

6th Peter Hollman 110 & 25

7th Rob Bastin 117 & 22

To accomodate Darren & his right to chose a course & defend his outright title. the 2011 is likley to be brought forward to December 2010. It wil be probably be drier.