One Year Wonder
Wed 13 Oct 2010 
Club news item

From Peter Ford - Secretary of the Middlesex Sunday Friendly Invitation League which Pacific won in it's 1 & only year.

Gents I think we will have to abandon the league we set up last year. Pacific have joined another league, Grimsdyke appear to have lost interest (Iíve had no reply to any of the mails I sent), Alexandra Park struggled to raise sides and fulfil fixtures which leaves Southall Dragons and P&HCC.

As a P&HCC member I know that weíre not particularly fussed about playing in a league as the Sunday guys prefer friendlies. I know that Expatriates are looking to join but if my own club arenít keen on entering then Iím not inclined to organise things. It was a good experiment anyway and I hope those who played enjoyed it.

Hopefully, we will see you all in friendly matches in the future.

Regards Peter