From Our Friends in Oman
Fri 29 Oct 2010 
Club news item

Hello Pete, Awesome to hear from you. its been almost a year since i last saw you, but your face is so fresh in my memory. I hope everything is well and good with you there.

Yes, indeed been following all the news on the pacific website and saif and me engage in conversations very often discussing the games. we both really miss playing cricket there with pacific. thats one of the things we miss a lot there in england. otherwise everything is well and good with me here pete. ive got an contract with a bank here in oman. ive been with them for the past few months now. its getting along well. very good to be back with family as well. they had always been asking for the last 6 years when i would be back. finally, they are happy.

hope all is well with you there. hows it lukey? i saw his bowling figures on the website last week. congratulate the little guy. im sure he's going to go yards in the future.

And Pete, thank you very much for the end of season dinner invitation. that was very kind of you to invite us. i was telling julia about it last week and she was very happy and pleased to hear that. thank you very much. im sure ill make it for atleast of the dinners in the coming few years. ill definitely let you know if im coming to london.

do know that you always have an open invitation to oman anytime. do plan a trip sometime and you know that im here for everything.

Best Regards and talk soon. Catch you on facebook as well. ive sent you an invitation. a big hello to all the boys at pacific as well from saif and me.

Naveej Vinod

Hello Pete

Great hearing from, things are well and we're in Oman enjoying the sunshine but missing the cricket. Should be in London next summer if all goes as planned, i'd love it if i could play a few games as a pacific alumni! My warm regards to everyone, especially little Lukey

Best Wishes Saif