Notting Hill - The Dinner
Sun 28 Nov 2010 
Club news item

The End of Season Dinner attendants convened at a cosy Notting Hill back street & it was an enjoyable if a little sad at the end night. Many Thanks to all those who bore the Wintry conditions - nothing that Justin H or Darren & sally will have to worry about in Singapore & Tasmania respectively. They’ll all be sorely missed.

Meanwhile back at the meal which the lucky majority said was excellent, having counted the votes the distribution of the trophies could begin. Luckily for my speech delivering skills, Darren ably took over as much as he was closer to the middle of the room & could be heard. Jon W collected his pool trophy & a very snazzy history of the cricket bat frame with engraving of his 2010 achievements.

James G also snaffled the 2 bowling trophies for best figures & most wickets. Needles to say they were neck & neck in the POS voting. In all 7 players attracted votes but 1st was Jon Webley with 38, 2nd James Gleadow with 28 & 3rd Darren Tempany with 15.

There was a wide spread of opinion as to who was most improved with 16 players getting votes & if Lahrie had made it on the night who knows if that may have swung it but ultimately & uniquely the MIP for the second year running was Luke Hollman who poled 20 to Lahrie’s 17 & third was Aroon with 8.

The Tom Brown Memorial trophy goes to the best newcomer & again there were 2 stand out candidates although 7 others also caught the eye & the X on the form but in the end Sam Parkinson pipped Steve Richards by 14 votes to 10.

One glance at the catches & fielding stats & there was never likely to be any other winner. Polling twice as many in Darren in 2nd place was Rob Bastin with 17. Add the 6 stumpings & 2 run outs to his record 21 catches. Amazing.

Finally, & for the first time at the End of Season dinner, due to the absence of recording all the matches, the Victoria Park League Player of the Season was also contested. Said absence really clouded peoples memories & several forms were returned blank as they were from members who did not compete. Inevitably, 4 players tied - Shayne Rees, Justin Roy, Justin Hess & Darren Tempany. So I rang Shayne up for his casting votes. Unknowing of the position he gave 2 to Lucius & 1 to Darren which meant a 2 way tie between Darren & Lucius. Sadly the VC did not answer his phone & so joint winners it was.

My thanks again to everyone who turned up at the meal + those who couldn’t but took the trouble to vote. Also to Steve R for sorting the dues at the end of a long night.

Hopefully there will be time for a Xmas drink before everyone goes there festive ways & the engraved trophies can be handed out. I will as ever try to KYI. Meanwhile enjoy the ashes.

PS there was one final trophy for Darren as a thank you for being such an able Club Captain he was awarded with a momento of a pewter flask engraved with his all his Pacific stats.