Our 2010 VPCCL Season
Mon 29 Nov 2010 
Club news item

Your Captain Shyane Rees writes

"Is it the last minute yet? Just like this report, that statement describes the organisation style of joint captains Rees and Roy during the 2010 Vic Park cricket league. Much to the amusement / bemusement / consternation of organiser supremo, Peter Hollman.

Anyway, it was a reasonably successful season in the end. A strategic / cunning / purely by chance win and loss in the qualifying round put us in the second division, or perhaps the first division just behind the premiership league. 5 wins in 8 games meant we achieved a podium finish (just – but not a bad result).

The orange ball was a great innovation, for batsmen and fielders alike. So much so that used balls were recycled for friendlies against Beamers and Bank of England.(actually that was J P Morgan Shayne)

Notable performances came from Lucius Faisal with the ball and Darren Tempany with the bat.

We’ll miss Darren and James McDonnell who are stupidly leaving England for harsh dry climates south of the equator.

A very big thanks to everyone who contributed to Pacific’s Vic Park season, those that gave availabilities way in advance and those that responded to the last minute pleas for players.

Enjoy the evening! Come on England!