Hopper wins year's first trophy
Thu 27 Jan 1983 
Club news item

The pool tourney was relocated west to Riley's in Shepherds Bush. Seven souls braved a cold night and ventured west. Nuggsy made the running and won all his group games including 7 balling Matt. Holder Webbo failed to find his form sufficiently quickly and exited in the group stage. Pete scraped into the semis when Dave potted black and white when confortambly ahead.

Two gritty semi finals saw Nuggsy edge Pete in both frames and Stu overcame Toby 2-0 as well.

In the final Stu won a scrappy first frame & cruised the second. An enforced switch of table did not seem likely to delay Stu as he got ahead in the third frame. Nuggsy rallied but potted black and white at the same time. That confirmed Stu as a deserved 3-0 winner.