Supporting Us Keeping Cricket In Islington
Thu 10 Feb 2011 
Club news item

Pete Rank of Saracens Riff CC"sorry to hear that! hope all is resolved in your favour! communities need clubs like yours! if you need any support just let the riffs know!"

Friends of Wray Crescent at a meeting of Residents on the group were all generally supportive of cricket being played.

Doug & Wendy Teesdale. local residents & members of North Middlesex CC "we are both incensed that Islington are taking this pusillanimous line"

Doron Garfunkel Local resident & member of UCS Old Boys "crap nimbyism at its worst - sorry to hear about this bollox - let me know what I can do to help the cause if anything"

James Smith, Club Member & Realist "People should remember the kid who got stabbed a couple of years ago, the stolen motorbikes being crashed and set alight, the pitch being set alight twice, gangs of kids walking through the middle of games, etc.... it's been rough but we have still played on through all that, bringing sport to the neighbourhood...but the council think we are the risk?!?!! It's a great story. There were 8,000 balls bowled last year and not one issue.... it's just council cost-cutting!!!!"

rhonda Smith, local resident "I am a resident of Turle Road and I have just read in our local paper the terrible news concerning your cricket club.I have lived in this road for 25 years and I know that like my family most residents love the fact that wray crescent is being used for the game of cricket.I cannot even pretend to understand the game but I know how much I will miss the sound of it being played, far better than the sound of fighting dogs of youth .I would love to help in some way maybe the residents could set up a petition. yours Rhonda Smith."

"I look forward to helping your club with any petitions.I work in a local primary school and yesterday the news had spread among the parents they too would love to help with a petition."

Metro Reader Shae Courtney"I was outraged to read in today's Metro that cricket was to be banned at the Club on safety grounds. This, in my opinion, is mindless bureaucracy from Islington's councillors. I do not live in the Borough of Islington,but in Tower Hamlets and should you need any support, then I would behappy to write in support of the Club."

Gary Horsman, Homerton CC "Terrible news. Hope you win out!"

John Challinor, Capital Kids "Speaking with my Capital Kids Cricket hat on, I have spooken to John Sullivan and he is already actively involved in pusuing this.The whole thing seems complete over-reaction to one accident. John"

Alan White, Village CC "Sorry to hear about this. Seems an absolutely ridiculous situation. Hope things get sorted out in time for the season. Best, Alan"

As a resident of Islington and a cricket-lover, I am shocked to hear about the terrible news hanging over your home pitch at Wray Crescent. I do hope that common sense can prevail over this issue. There should be no reason why responsible, insured clubs like Pacific should not continue to use grounds like these. If there's anything that I, or any of your friends at London Fields Cricket Club can do to help, please let us know. With best wishes and fingers crossed. Jason Lord Captain LFCC