Enterprise Address The Points about Wray
Mon 07 Mar 2011 
Club news item

On the 27th October as part of a summary of the season & where the ground & facilities could be improved, 11 points were raised. Due to play being suspended, these have only now ben addressed.


With regard to Pacific's matches at Wray, most of the season just gone
went fairly well particularly pre & early season; & also again once Phil
was able to pick up issues that had developed after our return in
September. With next season in mind, I would like to highlight & address
problems & agree solutions.
I know in an earlier mail, Jerry suggested to arrange another meeting
but for now I would like to highlight these points & I will visit the
site again with you as & when the necessity arrives.
1. The outfield is bumpy & needs rolling to even out some corrugatedareas. Is this practicable & when is the best time of year to do this?

1. The Field will be rolled in the next week, weather permitting

2. There are holes which need to be filled in & reseeding is required inthe bare areas around the pitch. Will this be done & when's it best to do that?

2. This will be completed in the next week, weather permitting

3. Grass cutting. In Spring I know that weekly cuts are not possible &
appreciate that it will be then fortnightly. Once into May, it can be
cut weekly? By Summer, we would like the grass cut short & for the area
around the pitch shorter still. The cuts made in Autumn were still too
long I'm afraid. This has not been a problem both early in the season &
in 2009.

3. It will be arranged for the grass to be cut shorter on a weekly basis

4.Is adult football being played on the outfield again? I highlighted
that the players we met there on one occasion, had a formal Enterprise
headed paper with hand written dates when cricket was booked. Can you
clarify what the formal position is? If adult football is being condoned
then it needs to be controlled & priority given to cricket in Summer &
back to football in winter. I would advocate a moratorium for March so
that the aforementioned points can be attended to & repaired areas
fenced off.

4. Enterprise do not take any football booking for this site, we book cricket only. Any person showing you something on Enterprise letterhead has invented this themselves. We issue a booking confirmation slip only

5. It was previously discussed & agreed that once Islington's new logo
was finalised, signage would go up. We would still like to see the
pavilion named & something along the lines of Islington's Cricket
Ground, or the Only Cricket Ground in Islington Or Islington Cricket
Centre so that it is clear what the function is. This may even help
direct unauthorised football elsewhere.
5. Will need to be addressed by the Council
6. Local residents & interested parties would like to know when matches
are scheduled to be  played. I would be happy for a list of fixtures to
be laminated at the start of the season & maybe put 3 or 4 around the
ground tied to the fence.

6. Once fixtures have been booked and confirmed a list can be produced

7. The Smith Gate. I cannot understand as to why it was agreed to
install it but it is never unlocked. The other gates that are unlocked
can remain shut or dogs will get in.
7. Looking into this matter, will discuss with the Council and advise further
8. If there are examples of dogs' deprecation, we don't mind clearing it
if not in the groundsman's remit but we would be grateful if a scooper
was available.

8. We will speak to the Council to obtain a scooper for you

9. As grass cuttings & earth & sand get on to the pitch we would also
like a thick bristled broom to be available so we can sweep the pitch
before the start & at the interval if necessary. 

9. We will supply a broom to you

10. All our games are 40 overs which can last up to 6 hours. If we
cannot gain access in good time we cannot start on time. Equally if we
are booked to start at 1pm, it's not practicable to tell me / us that
the pavilion will be locked at 6pm. The agreement has always been for a
minimum of 6 hours . In Autumn we bring the start time forward because
the sun set's earlier. This has all been agreed in the past & we would
be grateful if the Contractors knew this too.
10. Will ensure all parties are aware
11. As you know, there is the occasional breakdown in communication so a
contact number would be most useful. If Phil is not on duty at weekends
& I understand that he is not based in London, then we should be
provided with an active number for the whole of the season or if it
changes weekly then it should be communicated weekly.

11. Weekend Supervisor is John Wood who can be contacted on 07920272673, he is available from 2pm on Friday through to 2pm on Monday, in his absence his number is transferred to another supervisor who will be available for the same times