Friends of Wray Crescent News
Wed 23 Mar 2011 
Club news item

Hello,I went to Friends of Wray Crescent meeting last night and they had their biggest attendance that I've seen and I'm happy to report theystill seemed positive about cricket although not at prospect of twenty foot netting.
I think it would be good for the cricket users to remain in contact with one another.  It was agreed at last week's meeting that IslingtonCC would be lead on pavilion grant hunting whilst Pacific seem to have led on getting suspension overturned.  Do we have a contact for the Last Man Stands to see if they are interested in lending a hand? 
I think we still need to push petition whilst it is open -
FoWC also are organising their annual festival and it is on June 
18th.  Theywere asking if cricketers could contribute.  Space would be limited but Roger Greenslade did some tip and run at one of the previous festivals.  Does
Middlesex have a portable cricket net that is used for such community events?