Wray Crescent Update
Wed 06 Apr 2011 
Club news item

From Barry Emerson of Islington. "

Thanks for your email and I am glad that the Keeper did a good job supporting play on Sunday.  I met with David Cobbald (Phil is no longer with us) to look at the points you raised. 

I can confirm that:

- The grass will be cut as requested for the weekend.
- The bare areas were reseeded over the winter months but do not seem to have taken. We will arrange for some new seed and top soil to be put down. 
- The crease markings are being re-done this week and the crease line extended onto the grass. 

The only point we will not be able to address at this stage is cutting the grass any closer to the railings. I had a look at it today and it would mean we damaging the bulbs which would effect their growth in future years. Once the bulbs have died back I will get this area cut. 

With regards to the agreed signage can you confirm which signage you are referring too? 

If you have any other questions please let me know. 

Kind regards