Suspension Looms
Mon 18 Jul 2011 
Club news item

In response to my question to the VPCCL outgoing secreatry "This is Pacific's 2nd scratch of this season. Can you confirm that by the current rules, if they scratch again they will be expelled from the league?" the answer was "Suspended, rather than expelled. So there is some chance of coming back. But not much.


Rule 8: “Any team failing to fulfil a fixture will forfeit the match and 2 points will be awarded to their opponents. Such non-fulfilment will be reported to the League Committee. The team forfeiting the game will also be charged the full cost of hiring the pitch. The team which misses the game because of their opponent’s forfeit will be credited with their match fee (half the cost of the pitch hire and the ball). A team that defaults on their matches three times in a season will be suspended immediately from the league.”