Update on Wray
Thu 15 Sep 2011 
Club news item

Hi Peter Due to the weather we has we were not able to cut the grass as the poor ground conditions meant  by cutting we would do more damage then good. Happily the weather has improved and we have now been able to cut the grass at Wray Crescent. It will be kept well cut provided weather conditions allow. The lines have also been remarked and we have them programmed to be done each Friday. As for the equipment that has gone missing, what this left in the pavilion? If so this is not ideal as the pavilion is used by  many other users both for cricket and other activities so items are unfortunately likely to go missing. I would suggest that the club do not leave any equipment in the pavilion as we cannot guarantee its safety. If you can give me a better idea of what exactly has gone missing and approximately when I may be able to speak to a few users to see if anyone has removed it in error. Regards Barry -----Original Message----- From: Gutwin, Jerry Sent: 14 September 2011 16:01 To: 'peterhollman.pacificcc' Cc: Emmerson, Barry Subject: RE: Skipper's report, Pacific v Washington Hi Peter, Barry has now returned from his paternity leave so I am sure that he will be in touch soon regarding the maintenance issues. Re the signage, I understood that the notice board and had been installed but I need to speak to my team member. I will be in touch as soon as I have spoken to him. Regards, Jerry -----Original Message----- From: peterhollman.pacificcc [mailto:peterhollman.pacificcc@virgin.net] Sent: 07 September 2011 06:51 To: Emmerson, Barry; Headon, Noel; Gutwin, Jerry Cc: James Gleadow; Jon Webley Pacific; Jon Webley Pacific; Rob Bastin; Justin Roy; Justin Roy; Aroon Korgaonkar Pacific; Steve Richards Cricket; Steve Richards Pacific; Toby Chasseaud Subject: Re: Skipper's report, Pacific v Washington Importance: High Hello Barry / Noel Our Autumn return threw up a few points. Still no signage - is that likley now before 2012? We've had a spate of stuff go missing including kit & now markers. Can you help by contacting the users to ascertain whether it was in error or a casual loan? Otherwise we will have to put in an insurance claim. As it was dry last week, it's very disappointing that the grass is still so high - especially on the square. I can resend pics of how Declan did it if that helps?? Also the pitch line remarking has been neglected again. Our next game is on 1st October so I really would be very grateful indeed if all these points could be addressed by then & to let me know? Thanks Best Regards Peter Hollman Club Secretary