Stu King of the Red Tops
Fri 16 Mar 2012 
Club news item

A magnificent 7 convened upon Miss Qs - a pun so subtle I missed it for a month – through the barrier ropes & bouncers, passed the lit dancing floor & cocktail waitresses & next to the pool tables in the corner lit by the LED screen showing Tommy – The Musical on mute.

So the 7 played their round robin to determine the semi finalists interrupted only by the forward American girl in the corner – more of her later – the arriving burgers & the please to find the Europa League instead of the pinball wizards. Jon W came out top unbeaten in the Miss Qs league, Pete & Steve 2nd & 3rd which left an almighty battle for 4th including defending champ Stu.

The champ was unhappy with the tied scores progress based on results between those tied format & with his hopes relying on Jon B defeating Matt he graciously declared that players tied on pints would play off. If only Sepp Blatter could be this decisive.

So Jon B did win & Stu would have progressed but the play off went ahead & he won anyway! Surely the noble would triumph. In his semi against Jon W, the last colour was on when our American friend re-arrived & with some draping & swooning & clinging & that was just to the table of course, Jon W lost his momentum & his semi & Stu was through.

What a comeback. And now surely ready to face the form player Pete fresh from his nip & tuck semi against Steve. Stu was hot but she’d sat back down so all concentration reverted to the red glowing baize. Pete goes 1 up. Pete on black but fluffs. Comeback king makes it 1-1 then 2-1. This time Pete comes back 2-2. The final frame & one rapid white wash later Stu’s comeback is complete & it’s back outside as the many lady clubbers arrive or we’d never have got out…..


Matt w1 l5

Pete w5 l1

Jon W w6 l0

Stu w2 l4

James w1 l5

Steve w4 l2

Jon B w2 l4

Pete beat Matt

Steve beat James 

Jon W beat Jon B

Pete beat Stu

Steve beat Matt

Jon W beat James

Stu beat Jon B

Pete Beat Steve

James beat Matt

Jon W beat Stu

Pete beat Jon B

Jon W beat Pete

Pete beat James 

stu beat James

Jon W beat Steve

Steve beat Jon B

Jon B beat Matt

Jon W beat Steve

Play off stu beat Jon B

Semi Pete beat Steve 2-1 Stu beat Jon W 2-1

Final Stu won 3-2