The Colt Reaches Milestone
Mon 14 May 2012 
Club news item

After countless attempts to play this match had been thwarted by the weather, we eventually managed to play, on an artificial wicket in Victoria Park under sunny blue skies.
There was discussion before the match as to whether we should bat or bowl first if we won the toss, the situation being complicated by Luke and Ronnie having to leave at 10.30 to go to the Middlesex County Youth Selection match. In the end it was decided that we should bat first and back our bowlers (minus Luke and Ronnie) to defend our total, even though this would mean fielding with only 9 fielders. With hindsight this looked the correct decision - and one that Luke, in particular, will be very happy with.
The match got under way a little late after brief delaying tactics from one Primrose Hill father had been seen off. Luke and Ronnie opened and batted very sensibly, seeing off the opening attack without alarm whilst maintaining a good scoring rate. The breakthrough PH were seeking came in the 10th over as Ronnie was caught down the leg-side for 11 with the score on 62. With Luke batting superbly, Billy came to the wicket at No.3 with instructions to keep the score ticking over while giving Luke the strike whenever possible. This pair batted through to the end, with Luke accelerating the scoring with some powerful hitting and Billy following those instructions to the letter. It was clear from mid-Innings that Luke had a chance of scoring his maiden century and he timed matters to perfection, ending up on 99* with one ball remaining. That last ball was put away through midwicket with some panache for Luke's 13th boundary to leave him on an unbeaten 103* (off 77 balls) and Billy unbeaten on 22*. A score of 150-1 off 20 overs looked a winning score, even with 9 fielders.
Good bowling from the Max's (Harris and Preston), Billy and Josh Hurst meant that PH made a slow start and, although the 2nd wicket didn't fall until the 14th over, the score by then was only 46-2 and the game was effectively won. More steady bowling from Guy Lane, Jamie Lloyd Williams, Disney Harker and Will Jenkins kept the pressure on and increasingly desperate running was met by some good ground-fielding, resulting in four Run Outs (including 2 direct hits at the bowler's end by Anthony from behind the stumps). In addition to the Run Outs, Josh and Guy took a wicket apiece as PH subsided to 71-6, to leave North Midd the victors by 79 runs.
This was a good start to our 2012 season, to follow on from this team's victories in the 2011 Gubby Allen and the 2011-12 Indoor Trophy, but it was most memorable for Luke's maiden century. This was an innings which combined an array of technically correct cricket strokes with power which would have been impressive from an adult, let alone an 11 year old. Congratulations to Luke on his achievement - I have no doubt that this will be the first of many, but even if he scores one against Australia at Lord's I'm sure he'll never forget 13th May 2012 in Vicky Park !
In an interview in a high speed car journey to Watford with Ronnie West (also Nth Mdx & Islington) confessed " It's the best day of my life" And, things got even better. Luke and Ronnie were selected for the final 14 Middlesex County U11 team!!!