Double Agents Everywhere
Mon 24 Sep 2012 
Club news item

The story goes that Alexandra Park messed up their fixtures - they'd double booked us. The availability of Wray Crescent was an option so I let AP off the hook. A weekend chasing up leads, contacting possibilities & texting saw a confirmed match arranged against Crouch End IIs. REEESULT Then come Monday, a little checking that the ground would be in order & BASH - sorry we made a mistake. Another team have a booking but it didn't show on the system. Sorry. 90 minutes of exchanging mails arguing & getting nowhere. LATEST. Have mailed the CCC EFB & our luck needs to change. Another alternative is a match in Bagshot. The captains are pondering this.....

LATEST AP have given us access to their 2nd pitch so all is ON