Whopper Hopper wins pool title for third year running
Thu 14 Mar 2013 
Club news item

There was a turnout of six at the Rileys in Victoria for the Pacific CC annual pool tournament. A good venue with pizza and many TVs on which to watch Europa League football.

The round robin group stage was dominated by Webbo (despite his inconsistency) and a Trott-like Toby, both of whom won four out of five games. Pete and Nuggsy exited early. Game of the round was Stu v Nuggsy - Stu broke, Nuggsy potted four on what his only visit to the table as Stu then cleared up in great style. Steve and Webbo's attempt at the record for the longest game ever was probably more reflective of a gritty group stage.

1st place: Stuart Hopper
2nd: Steve Richards
3rd: Toby Chasseaud
4th: Jon Webley
5th: Pete Hollman
6th: James Gleadow - so pool, by the looks of it, is "a batsman's game" too