Fred wins table tennis competition
Wed 03 Apr 2013 
Club news item

A bumper crowd of 10 competed for the table tennis trophy at a nice but expensive pub in Clerkenwell.  The doubles came first and was won by Tom and Fred.  The singles followed as a pure knockout.  Nuggsy and Steve made watching Boycott and Tavare seem pleasurable.  Thankfully Fred's triumph over Satish was more in tune with the start of IPL6.  The final was a walkover as Fred never looked remotely challenged by a San Marinoesque Nuggsy.


A.     Sandeep /  Satish.   L3 W1
B.    Steve / Stacey          W3 L1
C.    Tom / Fred.              W4
D.    James / Luke.           L4 
E.    Ben / Pete               W2 L2

A v B  13-21
A v C 18-21
A v D 21-11
A v E 13-21
B v C 15-21
B v D 21-14
B v E 21-16
C v D   21-11
C v E 23-21
D v E 10-21

Steve & Stacey v Fred & Tom 19-21

Fred v Luke 21-12
Sandeep v Pete 11-21
James v Ben 21-11
Tom v Steve 18-21
Stacey v Satish 19-21

Pete v Fred 11-21

James v Steve 21-19
Satish v Fred 21-9

James v Fred 12-21 11-21