Pacific club logo to be revived
Wed 03 Jul 2013 
Club news item

Tom Ireland is looking into the possibility of having club caps and possibly sun hats made. (Shirts are too expensive these days apparently.)

Here's a picture of the club logo taken from an old Pacific shirt. Tom has now tracked down the original artwork...


Tom writes:

Dear PCC members

My current cricket hat is starting to look a little skanky after 14 years of use, so I'm looking into getting some Pacific CC caps made.

A few people have said this would be a nice idea but we need to guarantee enough people would actually buy one should we order a dozen or so. From a quick look I think the price would be around £10 each (possibly even less if lots of us are interested).

Can all members who would want to buy one email me with their preference for a baseball-style cap or old school flat/baggy cap and we'll go with the majority. Presumably it will be a navy blue cap with the light blue Pacific crest on it. Timeless elegance.

After contacting a few sites about the hats I found Beckenham Cricket Specialists still have our logo from whenever the last batch were bought.

I'll get them to send the logo back to us.