A Thorn between two groups
Sun 28 Jul 2013 
Club news item

A couple of weeks ago the regular golfers in the Pacific ranks rocked up on the banks of the M25 in Bucks at the bequest of current champ Adrian Duthie. The party of 7 split into 2 groups & your correspondent was first to the tee in a group of 3 which also included Jon Webley & Allan Roberts. We started ok ish, found our balls & chugged along with some some sub par play & no subpar holes sadly. At the turn there was only 6 shots between Allan & Jon with me in the middle but were struggling against the contours, the wind, a sandstorm ( yes really) & to be fair our games weren't lifted by a difficult yet budget course but with holes that I'd still like to try again. So it went through the back 9 as Jon improved & Allan & I didn't.

Meanwhile, we had no idea how the other group were fairing & what a contrast. They'd all played really well & all their scores put us to shame. Adrian stunned us. 86. We were in awe. But some solid support scores especially Tony who was the handicap runner up. Anyways, Adrian gets a chance to defend his title again in 2014 & all are invited to Denham GC I gather. Cracking course that one. Looking forward.

Thorney Park GC SSS 67 yards 5512 1st Adrian Duthie 86 strokes. 40 points. 2nd Steve Emmins 94 & 26 3rd Darryl Roberts 98 & 22 4th Tony Tambaraja 103 & 30 5th Jon Webley 109 & 22. 6th Allan Roberts 112 & 23 7th Peter Hollman 115 & 24.