Stoke Newington ineligible player
Fri 15 Nov 2013 
Club news item

Pacific, who were eliminated from the Victoria Park Plate competition in August, discovered that in the following round a player who was lining up to play for Stoke Newington against Sky was prevented from playing as he had already represented a different club in the VPCCL. The SN team refused to play the fixture after they were challenged and Sky progressed with a walkover. Pacific's interest in this was that the same ineligible player competed against Pacific and the request was that as the game could not be replayed, the cost should be met by SN and the result reversed even though Pacific would be unable to play the next round anyway. It was decided, however, that the rule as it stood was ambiguous and if strictly applied many players were ineligible to play in the cup once they had played for another team. The case, however, was that the player in question did not guest for another team but opened the bowling and batting where all other cases had played as guest. The committee agree that there is a clear need to tweak the rule so the objective of a player not representing more than one cup team as guest or player is made clear and hopefully SN will not be be caught out for a third year running in 2014.