MEIL Meeting Report
Fri 10 Jan 2014 
Club news item

Toby Chasseaud was announced as leading run scorer in the Middlesex & Essex Invitation League with 436 runs in the 2013 season, winning by 10 runs. Well done to Toby and he will receive his trophy in due course. Black Rose of Highgate were introduced to the league and will be joining in 2014 while it is hoped that Washington will also join in 2015. Some fixtures and dates have had to be rearranged to accommodate them. A league final is being introduced in the 2015 season and clubs agreed to clear Sunday 6th September 2015 for a match to be held at the league winner's ground if possible. Two balls will be used and the league trophy will be presented immediately afterwards. Nominated umpires can be used in matches but protocol is that advance notice should be given to the opposition to allow veto.