Golf tournament
Wed 25 Jun 2014 2pm tbc
Diary entry

Hi Guys I was hoping to book Denham, but to get a decent tee time it would be prohibitively expensive. and Besides I'm not sure it would be totally fair to play on my home course and I won it might feel a little hollow (a bit like England only winning the World Cup cos they played every match at Wembley!....unlike Scotland of course who were real World Champions winning it "away" from home the following year! lol) Anyway, have found a really nice course at Whipsnade, See link below. Challenging enough for this prestigious event but also thankfully forgiving! Fairways and Greens in good nick and plenty of local wildlife on view for added variety. Got a deal for 20 per head. Suggest 2 ish tee times Ade

Playing:- Adrian Duthie, Steve Richards, Tony Tandyrajah, Peter Hollman, Steve Emmins, James Smith, ALL WELCOME