Sundays at Wray
Fri 07 Mar 2014 
Club news item

A message from Islington council: 

The council instructed Aquaterra not to take bookings on Sunday's at Wray Crescent as we have become increasingly concerned about the conflict of use between the Sunday social footballers and formal cricket bookings. As you are aware in previous years this conflict has delayed and caused the cancellation of some cricket games and led to some extremely heated confrontations.. We have previously attempted to request that the footballers leave at the start of bookings but this has unfortunately led to some very aggressive and confrontational exchanges from some of the people playing football. As you know this is a difficult group of people to manage. Even Park Patrol were struggling to deal with this situation. We believe that until we have a workable solution to manage this we do not want to create a potential source of conflict that could escalate and get out of hand very quickly. We appreciate that this is an extremely frustrating situation for you (and other cricketers), as this is the only cricket pitch in the borough. I also want to reassure you that we are not ignoring this issue we have had some initial discussions with the police and are exploring our legal powers. But obviously any enforcement action will take some preparation and time. I am proposing to allow provisional cricket bookings to be taken on a Sunday from the 4th May 2014 (the first bookable Sunday). But whether the pitch is available will to a certain extent depend on availability of the police and where we have got to in the process. I want to stress that we want cricket to be continued to be played on Sunday's and are endeavouring to ensure that this happens again as soon as possible. Please bear with us and I will keep you updated on any developments.