Grassroots cricket feels inner city pressure
Fri 28 Mar 2014 
Club news item

Since Tufnell Park was turned over entirely to football more than a decade ago, Wray Crescent is the last remaining public-access cricket pitch in the borough of Islington, writes Toby Chasseaud on the Guardian website.

The latest blow to cricket at Wray Crescent has come in the form of footballers refusing to leave the field of play on Sundays, despite it being booked for cricket.

"We want to resolve the situation so that cricketers can continue to use the Wray Crescent pitch as they have for many years," said councillor Janet Burgess. "We are in discussions with a number of community groups and the footballers to find the best way forward for everyone." So at least there seems to be some political will to keep cricket at the ground, even if progress seems rather sluggish from the club's point of view. The police have been consulted and steps to protect cricket include ground repair work, "third-party mediation" with the footballers, improved signage and possible safety netting around the ground.

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