Wray update
Sat 07 Jun 2014 
Club news item

A message from Islington council...


I appreciate Pacific Cricket's position on this outcome and the feeling that you have received the raw end of the deal. I want to confirm that the pitch at Wray Crescent is still primarily a cricket facility and the council have no desire to change that. However like all facilities in the borough there is a high demand for their use. Islington has the smallest amount of open space of any London borough and the spaces such as Wray Crescent are valuable to the wider community. We also therefore need to be pragmatic and realistic that other groups are going to use this space when it is not being used for cricket.

Given the nature of this situation we did not feel that consultation or negotiation with all stakeholders was beneficial. Our desire was to allow cricket to continue unimpeded on a Sunday and this has been achieved, so far.  It has also fostered a positive relationship with the footballing group which we aim to build on. 

The footballers do understand that this is a cricket facility but they also have a strong desire to continue to use it for their Sunday football. Now that we have forged a positive relationship with the group we will aim to continue with this to try to ensure that they work with us (and other key users of the facility) to protect it from damage, and to allow reasonable time to carry out repairs and maintenance. I agree with your point about the ground conditions and turf needing to be improved. The best time to do this would be before the start of next year's cricket season (Jan to March). We will be working towards this with the aim of ensuring that we have a quality playing surface for all users come the start of the next cricket season. 

The footballers are not being charged for the use of the pitch. The council does not want to charge them for the use of the pitch as this would open the facility up to further requests for bookings from other groups which we want to avoid. We did look at accommodating them at other facilities but a resolution around this could not be agreed. 

Pacific Cricket (or any other cricket team) should not be leaving any private equipment in the pavilion.   I have noticed that this has been occurring and I will be arranging for all bookers to remove any personal equipment or it will be disposed of. Your concern about the cleaning of the pavilion has been noted and will ensure that is kept clean.

With regards to request for equipment, these are not part of the terms of the hire of the facility however I am willing to supply them as a one off given the situation. I will order them this week and once delivered I will let you know.