A Message from Old Grammarians
Thu 06 Nov 2014 
Club news item

Hi Guys, I just wanted to say Thanks to all those who attended our 'record-making' game on the 1st of November 2014. Thanks to all those who turned up as a player and as a valuable Spectator. I can't believe we made it happen, but it also taught a lesson that 'Impossible is Nothing' when you want to achieve something with passion and enthusiasm. Thanks to Peter (Hollman), Kieran, Toby, Chris (for scoring) and all the cricket enthusiasts and geniuses who's names also deserves a mention. Of-course, We were very keen, but the best bonus on the day was the fact that Nature was on our side too, the weather turned out to be pleasant and perhaps as lovely as a warm day of July/August. Thanks for making it happen - I wish all you guys a good winter and I hope to catch up with you earlier in the 2015 summer. Cheers,} Khalid