Boxing Day Match News
Thu 18 Dec 2014 
Club news item

The votes are in. it's over for another year. no Hum.

And finally, there's nothing to report!

I went to Wray last Saturday, grass could with a cut. It ( as always) but much like April. In fact when I left the house this morning at 7 it was 13.8 c - as warm as a mid April day! However.

No news from the CCC, nothing from Islington Gazette, nothing from North Middlesex nor the other big clubs in the area, not even a sign of a peep from Jack Frost XI !

So a decision please between A Cancelling B a 6 a side C abstain Rob I know is voting against & I think only those taking part should vote - sorry Chris & as Fred & I will have to don whites we do. Personally I'm abstaining so a majority vote in favour will get me there on the day. Let me know your responses by return please. Cheers Pete

ne more throw of the dice. If no response by 19/6 the match looks doomed

LATEST 11/12 Another withdrawal - i've booked tickets home and unfortunately will me missing the boxing day match. i will send around the fixture though, looks like we can use a few ringers. One the up side re Jack Frost XI - I think it unlikely as the generation that played out of season have retired and it is now a wandering club that plays a few games in the main season? I will ask.

LATEST Jonathan Holland withdraws - Thanks guys, but i was more up for playing with the ol' team I miss and admire so much.Have fun thoughx Christopher Clayton to score.

3 weeks to go today & the good news is that we have 11 players & 2 umpires. On the down side, the team is a combination of Homerton & Pacific. Today's Islington Gazette does have a small piece on the game & inviting players to cone forward. Not sure how likely that is but am hoping for additional numbers. I'm of a mind to play the game with whoever is still up for it even if it's a 6 a side. I'll update here as updates occur.

Pacific: Luke Hollman, Rob Allum, Giaco Bridgett, Jack Ensor, Sheldon Greenland,Kevin Van Der Geest, Rizwan Siddiqui, nick Walker

Homerton:- Jay Lakhani, Firoz Husain,

Umpires:- Fred Janaway & Peter Hollman

Scorer:- Christopher Clayton