Long live the kingpin - Nuggsy champion rock roller 2015
Thu 22 Jan 2015 
Club news item

James 'Nuggsy' Gleadow secured his second successive Pacific ten-pin bowling title on Wednesday evening in a closely contested affair at Rowans (the legendary Finsbury Park bowling alley that was saved from being turned into flats last year).

The champion seamer proved equally as comfortable on the polished lanes of Finsbury Park, double striking in the latter part of the first round to establish an ultimately unassailable lead, notching up 250 points over the two rounds. Andy 'killer curl' Birley showcased his ability to get the ball to talk, curling the ball pinwards with continual efficiency - he is the silken assassin of the lanes and finished just five points behind. A fully convalesced Shaz Timbadia displayed the deadly fast arm he routinely brings to the cricket pitch to notch up a creditable 232 points.

Incentive for next year's prospective participants - we must stop the Nugget securing three in a row.

K Dog