Mark Russell 1959 - 2015
Fri 03 Jul 2015 
Club news item

Sadly one of Pacific's originals died this week prematurely of lung cancer. Steve writes: "Mark played eight weekend games for us. He played in the first ever Pacific match against Kentish Town Post Office in 1983 (almost certainly in June). Batting he scored 120 runs in total, with a top score of 39. Bowling he bowled 19 overs and took 2 wickets. As far as I can tell Mark's last game was in 1988, although he also played in the 1993 10th anniversary game, but I'm not sure where the book for that is. In a packing case still probably. I had a sneaking suspicion that he played after 1988, but can't find any evidence."

Pete writes: "I was at Poly of North London before I started at Pacific Records. I knew Mark played a bit at school but when I met Mark Sams through him, I realised that he wasn't that keen really. Nevertheless he turned out for Pacific and in the first game of the 1984 season was pushed into opening. Sadly, he recorded Pacific's only diamond duck – out 1st ball of the season. He took it well enough mind."

Jacqui, his wife, writes: "Please forgive the impersonal email. This is the email I have been dreading having to write but it seems the quickest way to share this news with you. I am sad to share with you that Mark died in the early hours of yesterday morning. He had become much weaker over the past couple of weeks and was admitted to hospital on Saturday where they confirmed that the cancer had spread significantly. I was with him on Sunday and he was a bit chirpier but deteriorated rapidly during the night. He texted me at 3am and I rushed in and was able to spend a few minutes with him before he died. I will keep you informed about arrangements for his service of remembrance. In the meantime please join me in remembering Mark at his best (especially if you have seen him over the past few months). Attached a photo to help you to do that. Love Jacqui."