An Appreciation of Autumnal Cricket
Wed 04 Nov 2015 
Club news item

Peter I just wanted to drop a note to you and the other guys involved with the Club to say how much my friends John and David and I enjoyed our time at Wray Crescent on Saturday. As you may have the heard the weather was fantastic for Halloween - sunny and not far off 20C. In fact being totally unprepared for the conditions - ie. I hadn't even THOUGHT about bringing sunglasses - I had to go off to the one of the benches in the shade just to get out of the bright, hot sun! I think though that it was just as well the game ended when it did - just before 4pm - as although the sky was still clear - the sun was just about to dip below the houses across the ground from the pavilion and I think the light was about to go pretty quickly. I think it would have been difficult to play much more than another 15-20 minutes. But anyways we all really enjoyed it. Some of the guys were even talking about a possible game on Saturday 14th, never mind this coming Sat (7th). We'd love to go along again this year if a game was on! All the best! Neil