How the Trophies Were Won
Sat 28 Nov 2015 
Club news item

As I said on the night, the result of the big one was mighty tight but here's the rest of the stats.

PCC Player of the Season

1st Tom Ireland 33 votes, 2nd Toby Chasseaud 32, 3rd Phil Davies 10, 4th Ravi Patel 4, =5th Luke, Kieran, Ahmed 1.

PCC Most Improved Player

1st Phil Smith 21 votes, 2nd Paul Davis 16, 3rd Ravi Patel 10, 4th Ahmed Hussain 6, 5th Luke Hollman 5, & 5 more with 1 vote each.

PCC Tom Brown Memorial Best Newcomer Award

1st Paul Rajkumar 18 votes, 2nd Pravad Chandramouli 15, 3rd Ben Burnham 6, =4th Toby & Kieran 2 6th Mark Woodland

PCC Fielder of the Season

1st Toby Chasseaud 21 votes, 2nd Paul Rajkumar 10, 3rd Kieran Mullens 5, =4th Ben Burnham, Paul Davis, Ravi Patel, Luke Hollman, Phil Smith 2 votes & 2 other 1 vote.

All the trophies have now been engraved. If there is an appetite to meet up before Xmas I'll bring them along. PH