Wray Crescent Ground Report
Thu 31 Mar 2016 
Club news item

Latest news from 30/3. All is in hand for Sat. The pitch has been remarked and the run-ups all have a good grass covering. The final grass cut will take play today. The outfield itself is not yet in the best conditions as the cold spring as not allowed much of the grass to regenerate. It is patchy in places but will recover now the weather is warming up and we will continue to seed and carry out aeration. We also plan to roll the outfield once the ground firms up a bit which will level off the bumps. I have also attached a couple of pictures which show the condition (pre-cut). The netting around the practice wicket has been taken off for repair and will be back again soon.

A message from Islington council...  We have already looked at options for displacing some of the play off Wray Crescent but there is a very strong desire to continue to use this space. The council have taken a decision to allow this and will continue to mitigate the impact as much as possible. We have started to prep it for the start of the season as mentioned in the previous email and this will continue over the rest of the month.


The council's previous email...

A message from Islington council... We did a lot of work on the outfields at the end of last season which included top dressing, re-seeding and de-compacting the grass areas. Unfortunately with the wet winter we have had, the grass outfield has taken a beating. To minimise the damage we have been shifting the football from side to side. This has worked to a degree but with the amount of pressure to use local greenspace, Wray Crescent has experienced high usage there has been some damage.

We will start from further refurbishment works next week with the aim of getting the outfield into the best condition possible by the start of the cricket season. Much of this though is dependent on the weather and with a cold start the spring predicted it may take some time for the outfield to recover.