A Note to Scorers
Wed 02 Mar 2016 
Club news item

A message from Pacific club archivist Steve Lay as the 2016 season approaches...

Re uploading scorecards - fall of wickets is important, whether in the book or on the website. FOW is often missing in the scorebook, so please can they be added. It's important to put the oppos scorecard on the website too, as it's the only way players catches and stumpings are added to the averages. Several players were short of their true number of catches when I went through the scorebook. One other thing about catches - be careful about caught and bowled. When I went through the book for catches my list didn't agree with the website and part of the issue was the caught & bowleds. I think you need to put the catcher in and bowler in as separate entries. The other thing is about bowling figures in the scorebook. I appreciate (when we haven't someone like Chris to score the whole match) that it's asking too much to put in every ball in the bowler's analysis, but can scorers just note the no balls and wides for each bowler and if there's some significant other event - such as a hat-trick or 3 wickets in 4 balls or someone bowls a lot of consecutive maidens - that it can be noted somewhere. I can't add those to the Stats if I don't know they happened. AND 2016 Stats almost ready and coming soon.