League rules 2016
Tue 19 Apr 2016 
Club news item

Hello team

If you get a spare moment, please try to have a look at the rules for the Middlesex and Essex Invitation League.

Our opening league match is this Sunday against Mayfield at Alexandra Park CC, which is serving as our home ground for this game.

As far as I can work out, the rules are the same as last year except that a) all matches are to start at 1pm and b) the final has been done away with, so whoever finishes with the most points wins the league, which is probably as it should be.

Here are the rules in full:


And here are some FAQs and practical guidance for captains and players:


Don't worry if that's all a bit much to take on board in one go I'll worry about the detail but I think it's good for people to get a general idea of the format.

Because all league matches start at 1pm we really need to get in the habit of turning up no later than 12.30. I'd say aim for 12 or 12.15 so as to allow sufficient time to be changed and have a little catching/bowling/batting practice. I'm afraid that lateness may well mean you find yourself dropped down the batting and/or bowling order.

If selected, players really shouldn't be pulling out on the eve or morning of the match unless they have a very good reason to do so. It's quite possible to play with a cold or a hangover (not that I'm encouraging you to get too pissed).

I think it's always important to get through the overs as quickly as possible to maximise the chances of a result, make the most of the daylight, and get us to the bar quicker, so let's get the ball back into the bowler's hands without too much delay please. If a spinner's bowling, the keeper or first slip can probably throw the ball straight back to him rather than sending it all the way around the ring.

Right, that's about that. Now let's enjoy a good league campaign. Obviously winning isn't everything but it'd be nice to give ourselves the best chance of doing so. Those of you who have played will know that it's a pretty friendly league but we shouldn't be complacent about it. It'd be good to lift the trophy (last year we finished in third place) but, if not, let's put in a strong team effort and make the most of the summer.

Match manager Kieran Mullens ( kieranmullens21@hotmail.com ) is, of course, the man to give your availability to. He'll let you know when you're selected and I'll be steering the ship on the day.

This weekend Saturday's game at Wray Crescent is a friendly and Sunday's at Alexandra Park is the league match.

We may well be looking at organising some more friendly fixtures so that everyone has a chance to get a game in.

Onwards and upwards!


Club captain, Pacific CC