Pacific v Exeter at Exeter  Thu 22-Jun-2000

An untimely shower delayed the start of this match held at Devon's primary venue.

E: 154-7 dec. B Davis 38. J Baglivi 14-4-22-4
P: 136-9. J Green 42 J Baglivi 30* P Hollman 30. Davis 14-3-43-4

A fine pitch freshened by the rain with a snooker table like outfield meant an even contest between bat & ball as exemplified by Davis & Newman with 38 & 36 respectively & John baglivi with the latter. With little margin for error John bowled a controlled line & always threatened illustatrating how much he was missed in a recent derby match. With Stuart Roberts chipping in with a couple of wickets as the batters flailed, P were set a fair target.

However, only 3 batters really got going lead by left hander John Green who was able to show his flair & talent in a rare appearence for P. With P still chasing hard wickets fell regularly as others came & went, Choudery, also picking up 3 wickets in the chase but P lost their last wicket with 7 balls remaining & with the quick opener, Davis back on, the draw was honourably achieved with Dobson & John Baglivi at the crease.

P: P Hollman* H Patel S Lay+ J Green J Warner J Hill J Baglivi F Baglivi+ I Lay S Roberts M Dobson


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