NELCL AGM minutes
Wed 14 Nov 2018 
Club news item

This from Edgar Maddicott, the outgoing chairman of the North East London League:

Hi All Thanks for coming to the AGM the other night. There was quite a lot to get through. Here's a run-down of the things that were discussed and agreed. Please share with your teams... New Chairman Rohin from Clapton & Oval CC kindly put himself forward to take up the position and was voted in unanimously. Many thanks for taking this on, Ro.  Umpires People were in favour of continuing with umpires as all felt this made a big difference to fair play, by taking the responsibility away from players. Outgoing chairman thanked teams for patience as we weeded out the worst of the umpires. We now have six that seem to be of good quality and reliability. Outgoing chairman suggested a small increase in the umpire's fee to £60 per game to keep them committed and continue to attract the better ones. This was agreed on with a vote. Each team will now provide £30 per game for umpires. It was suggested that where possible, umpires could provide bank details to receive transfer of fees on match day from the teams. While this may be arranged, it cannot be relied on as often umpires have to change fixtures etc. It is therefore the captain's responsibility to bring their £30 contribution to the umpire's match fee to the game and recoup that money from their team. Teams voted in favour of Rohin (or any other qualified umpire) umpiring for the league under the following conditions: The chairman asks them to officiate a game They do not umpire their own team's match They do not umpire a game that is relevant to their own team's rivals for a position (without agreement from all parties) They get agreement from both captains. Behaviour It was discussed that the captains and the umpires should work together to manage the game, with captains taking responsibility for their players' behaviour and respect the umpires. All teams agreed that it was important to keep to the NELCL's history as a friendly league. It was also noted that the league is made up of cricket players from a range of cultures and countries, so some allowance that differing approaches to play are to be expected, but a commitment to fair play is paramount. Teams leaving/joining NELCL Two teams, Stoke Newington 3rds and Daman CC have withdrawn from the league for 2019. A few teams, (Centurion, Hackney Tigers, and Homerton) have expressed interest to join the league. Members agreed that the ideal number of teams was 11, as this worked well with arranging fixtures on just the three council pitches. It was discussed that the Hackney Marshes pitches will be taken up with Middlesex League games again, so the pitches won't be available to NELCL. Rohin and Edgar will try to recruit two new teams in the next fortnight. It may be that those that expressed interest are not able to join, so please keep a look out for teams you know who might be keen to play. No deposit is required, but full payment of fees for the season will be requested around March, if not before. Fixtures It was discussed that the sooner fixtures could be released, the better for all involved. Teams are arranging their Sunday and friendly fixtures etc, so a deadline of the new year was set to publish provisional fixtures for the 2019 season. It has been notoriously difficult to pin Hackney Council down to pitch bookings (as was the case last year), but provided there are no changes to pitch availability from April to September, we shouldn't be waiting as long as last season. Teams need to submit three dates they prefer not to play on to Rohin ASAP. Rescheduling games It was agreed that teams want to play as much as possible, so where a pitch is unavailable (normally due to rain), the Chairman would offer the teams to reschedule the fixture. The responsibility for agreeing a date, and booking a pitch lies with the two captains, who must inform the Chairman of the details ASAP. The Chairman will then arrange an umpire for the fixture. It was accepted that every effort must be made to rearrange such fixtures so teams are not penalised. Forfeited games (often due to one team not having enough players) will not be rescheduled as a league fixtures and the win will be awarded to the other team, as is the case normally. Balls People were happy with the balls we used this past season (Morrant), so we'll use those again. Morrant has offered a discount if the league commits to a three-year deal. This was agreed to. Finances Outgoing chairman passed on Ben's (Treasurer) update on finances. The league is in good financial health. Teams need to contact Ro and Ben to claim any money they believe they're owed because of cancelled games. Thanks again to Ben for all his work as Treasurer! The wide rule It was suggested that the current wide ruling should be abolished. This was to avoid cynical deliberate leg-side wides being bowled. A vote was passed with Rohin to re-write the league ruling. A suggestion was to call wide any ball that is closer to the return crease than the wicket. It was noted that umpires and captains should also discuss the expectations for wides on both sides of the wicket at the beginning of each game and inform their teams. Run rate There is some confusion over how run-rate is calculated and some asked that it should be specified in the league rules. It was agreed that Rohin will draw up a new ruling, that specifies run rate is calculated in simple terms (eg without reference to wickets lost) as it is unworkable to give DL method updates in real time. Scoring and square-leg umpiring It was agreed that all teams would only send competent umpires to do square leg and that scoring would be done properly. Safety Many expressed concerns over safety at London Fields, with spectators, passers-by and parents and children at the lido paddling pool so close to the field. Ro will enquire with Hackney Council as to the possibility of putting up a high fencing around the lido paddling pool to avoid any serious injury. Teams were encouraged to go around and warn spectators all around the London Fields pitch of the dangers of the hard ball. The batting side should also do so at the start of the game and after tea. Please make care to warn families/mothers with young children. Teams must also have public liability insurance, or the league could be sued and made bankrupt. Groundsmen Teams expressed their gratitude to the groundsman Tony, who does a fantastic job. Teams were encouraged to thank him and his colleagues from Hackney Parks when they see them. We're very lucky to have such good pitches. Lastly, thank you to Rob who did a great job updating the website this year - much appreciated by everyone! Thanks Edgar