Dough - Campbell Wins Top Prize!
Thu 26 Sep 2002 
Club news item

Jonathan Campbell was a popular and resounding winner of the 8-a-side Player of the Season Award - beating co-skipper Dave Murray into second place. He received his well deserved award at last night's dinner at Porchettas restaurant - and had his head covered in pizza dough by waiting staff to mark the occaision! The dough went on to provide hours of fun to those who had braved the tube strike to make it!

"I'm the most succesful skipper in Pacific history!" Campbell enthused clutching his ball (trophy) in one hand whilst sporting his dough hat. "I'm glad that I was able to lead the 8-a-side team to a share of the league title - next year I want to inspire them to both the cup and the league titles.Can I thank everybody who played this year especially the regulars and also those who agreed to play at the last minute." he added.

JC then went on to express his disappointment at his co-captain's failure to attend the dinner - claiming it was no doubt due to his "not wanting to get his butt kicked by Jim in their foot race". He explained the errors in the original averages produced by him prior to voting were due to the fact that he was a lawyer and not an accountant!

STATS CORNER. 1st. Jonathan Campbell 28 votes, 2nd David Murray 14, Equal 3rd Lucius Faisal, Jim Davies & Rob Allum 8 , 6th darryl Roberts 4, 7th Peter Hollman 3, Joint 8th Tim Marshall, Colin Petett, Matthew Ralph & Steve Lay all 1 vote.