Contenders fall away as Allan prevails
Tue 22 Oct 2002 
Club news item

Allan Roberts with 92 at Batchwood GC wins his 9th golf title 7 strokes (2 on handicap)ahead of second placed Peter Hollman.
In the build up, the holder Matt Ralph, Craig Jones, David Murray, Jonatha Campbell, Colin Pettet were all unable to attend leading to one of the main rival's - Darryl Roberts pulling out 24 hours ahead with back pain.

On the day, which was forecast far worse than it was, the rain holding off till the 11th, but there was one more contender to fall. Adrian Duthie with 2 caddies in tow, still had to leave after the front 9 despite carding 41 - 4 shots up on the eventual winner Allan. Unlucky Ade !

The back 9 though was harder in fairness & Allan scored the only birdie (on the 9th) as well as 5 other pars. Peter Hollman picked up 3 pars (all par 3s) but as the grips got wetter & conditions cold & unpleasant, Allan triumphed ultimatley deservedly.

Here's to a warm sunny compeition next year & with Allan to decide date & venue, we can only lobby.

Scores: Allan Roberts 92, Peter Hollman 101, Steve Emmins 112 (pb), Jim Davies 128, Adrian Duthie - retired after 9 (41), Darryl Roberts - absent injured, Craig Jones absent - working.