Indoor Finals Line Up confirmed
Tue 26 Nov 2002 
Club news item

I have just spoken to the organiser, John Cleary. The final placings in Pool B with 3 teams all having won 3 & losing 1 have been determined on wickets taken. Therefore 1st Hertford 2 with 20, 2nd Pacific 19 & 3rd Barnet 17. Barnet having beaten Pacific so comfortably may feel somewhat aggrieved (well done JB for not rising to the sledging).

Sunday's semis are

3.30pm Hampstead v Pacific

4.40pm Hertford 2 v Southgate

5.50pm Final.

The Middlesex Final against the Western Area winners (Bessborough) is scheduled for February in Canterbury preceeding the regional finals.

VI: J Baglivi*, S Lay+, J Campbell, J Davies, T Marshall, D Murray. 7th P Hollman