Snooker Tournament 2002-2003
Wed 08 Jan 2003 6.00pm
Diary entry

The snow made a little difference to the best turn out for years with 7 entries showing which were Darryl Roberts (holder), Peter Hollman, Doran Garfunkel, Pete Czabotar ,Richard Ash, Allan Roberts, & Shayne Rees all turning up at the Archway Snooker Centre, Holloway Rd, London N19.

The 1st round was a one-frame round robin, & the standings going into the semi finals were:

1 Darryl Roberts p6 w5 l1
2 Doran Garfunkel p6 w4 l2
3 Allan Roberts p6 w3 l3
4 Richard Ash p6 w3 l3
5 Peter Hollman p6 w3 l3
6 Shayne Rees p6 w1 l5
7 Pete Czabotar p6 w1 l5

Four hours after play had begun, the semis were just beginning. More news as I get it...

UPDATE:- Doran Garfunkel, the tournament's most succesful debutant reports
"What can I say - Allan beat me 2-0 in the other semi - he always led in the first and I never got caught up. In the second I built up a healthy lead but he kept nagging away and the colours went in for him and seemed to rebound from the jaws for me - so he beat me by 4 points in the second with an excellent longshot on the pink leaving himself spot on the black which he duly buried. Roberts V Roberts in the final methinks!"
Meanwhile, unsubstantiated reports advise that "Richard Ash said he was thrashed" but in Darryl's own words "Made it to the final. 2-0 against Richard in the semi. Close though, he is a cagey player." Neither Roberts have advised when the final is as yet.

Footnote:- highest reported break was 28 by Doran in the preliminaries. Awaiting confirmation whether this was superceeded.