10 Pin Bowling Tournament
Fri 21 Feb 2003 6.30pm
Diary entry

Quality not Quantity. Sadly, the lowest recorded turnout for this event assembled last Friday evening, drank some beers & picked out some 14kg balls aiming roughly down the middle or corridor of certainty. Talking of which, a large group of 18-25 year old girls bantered & flirted merrily onwards. I can only say that all you singles should expand your horizons from the singles bars.

Meanwhile, back to the pins. Steve later regretted his idea to have 3 frames instead of 2 to make up for the shortfall of numbers & going on to move from 1st to 3rd was not what he had envisaged at the time of the recommendation Iím sure.

So maybe next year, Iíll go for a January meet on a cold mid-week evening & pull out some stops to get the numbers up.

Meanwhile hereís the stats.

1st Peter Hollman 145 + 115 + 145 = 405

2nd Darryl Roberts 133 + 122 + 140 = 395

3rd Steve Lay 111 + 153 + 124 = 388