Squash Tourney Report
Sun 09 Mar 2003 
Club news item

Sadly, despite postponing the event from January, a spate of late cry offs & unavailabilities saw just 4 challengers show up. Twice holder, Colin Pettet, the main challenger Steve Emmins, + Peter Hollman & Pete Czabotar.

The round robin remained, mainly as a warm up, as all attendees were guaranteed Semi Final places but going into the final game, Colin could either have finished 1st or last. As it happened, he won & finished 1st.

Here are the scores: - SE beat PH 9-6, PH beat CP 9-6, CP beat SE 9-2, SE beat PC 9-3, PC beat PH 9-0 & CP beat PC 9-3.

The table

       			w	l	 f  a
Colin Pettet 		2	1	24-14
Steve Emmins 		2	1	20-18
Pete Czabotar		1	2	15-18
Peter Hollman		1	2	15-24
The Semis:- CP beat PH 9-0, 9-7 & SE beat PC 9-3, 9-2.

The Final SE beat CP 9-2, 9-1.

And so finally, after several final appearances, the deserved winner was Steve. All promised to reconvene at the darts later in March to let battle commence again!