Aus get 2 beatings in 1 day !
Sat 21 Jun 2003 9pm
Diary entry

The 2003 Annual Pool Tournament was held as in 2002 , at the Castle Inn, Porlock but thethe holder (nor the runner up) could was able to attend to defend the title.

Due to the popularity, unlike all other Pacific Social competitions, a round robin was not logistically possible as the tournamnet only got underway at 11pm. so sudden death it was.

Marcel thought there should be groups so this will be considered for 2004 although the current holder may decide to bring the tournament back to London in the winter. What do other people think ?

1st round winners Jonathan Campbell beat Pete Czabotar Oli Haill beat Marcel Boonaert Steve Lay beat Tim Marshall

2nd round Leon Yates beat Martin Cowling Oli beat JC Steve beat Louise Peter Hollman beat Jim Davies Best of 3 Final saw Pete go 1 nil up before Leon equalised to the delight of the large Aussie crowd still seeking revenge for the morning’s rugby defeat.

A tense final rubber dominated by mistakes & caution was eventually won by Pete & picks up the trophy for a 1st time in 13 attempts. Ian Lay still has the most wins with his 5 consecutive titles 95-99