Sun 24 Mar 2002 
Club news item

The nets are all booked up in the run in but Shayne Rees has made enquiries & more are available. Please let him know if you are interested. Meanwhile scheduled net attendance's are: -

20/3 John Baglivi, Jim Davies, Lucius Faisal, Steve Lay & Darryl Roberts. 1 space available for 1st come 1st served.

27/3 John Baglivi, Jim Davies, John Hill, Peter Hollman, Steve Lay & Darryl Roberts. 1st Reserve Marcel Boonaert.

3/4/02 John Baglivi, Jim Davies, Peter Hollman, Steve Lay, Darryl Roberts & Peter Czabotar. 1st Reserve Matt Ralph, 2nd David Murray.

10/4 John Baglivi, Jonathan Campbell, Jim Davies, Peter Hollman, Steve Lay, Darryl Roberts. 1st reserve: - Matthew Ralph, 2nd David Murray

17/4 John Baglivi, Jonathan Campbell, David Murray, Shayne Rees, Darryl Roberts, Peter Czabotar.