Rob's Announcement
Wed 19 Nov 2003 
Club news item

Hello Folks,

I hope everyone's doing fine and feeling happy?

I'm having a nice party on the 19th of December at Spitz venue in Commercial St, London E1 6BG. It'll be great, loads of live music and stuff.....and if you want to see me humiliated as a member of the "Spice Boys" you need look no further. late bar and all that jazz. Please come, it'll be like the charity do's we used to have every christmas, only better cos it's happening now! and if you've not been before even more reason to come and get into some christmas cheer and see old mates or meet new ones and have a jolly good booze-up! bring anyone you like.



P.S. All the info is here: Hope to see you there.....