Pool Tournament Venue. The search is on...
Wed 26 Nov 2003 
Club news item

Anyone out there know of a suitable venue ?

As holder it has fallen upon me to organise next year's pool tournament. As we're not heading back to Devon & other tours' organisation are still incomplete, I thought it best to revert to playing the thing during the off-season.

Preferred Requirements are guaranteed access to at least 1 pool table, decent cheap beer, not too far for people to get to or close to a tube station. Mid week or weekend evenings fine.

FYI we used to play it at the Hornsey Wood Tavern in Seven Sisters Rd op. Finsbury Pk on a Sunday night but turn outs dwindled to just 4 in the end before the switch to Porlock.

Sometime between January & March incl. would prob be best.